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Wall and Walkway Experts in Northern Virginia

Accentuate the beauty of your home with wall and walkway construction services from Weiler's Lawn & Landscape. We build walls for purposes of aesthetics, as well as draining and retention and the walkways we create will make navigating your property simple and visually appealing.


We offer wall construction from a variety of quality materials:

Dry Stacked

A low-cost stone wall.


A cost-effective wall that creates a woody look.

Decorative Concrete Blocks

A solid retaining wall that solves erosion problems.


A long-lasting, traditional style of wall.
Stone Wall—Wall Construction in Falls Church, VA

Types of Walkways



Flagstone, cut random-style. Aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Pennsylvania Cut Flagstone-Dry Laid

An easy-to-replace style that is great for laying around tree roots and other moist areas.

Pennsylvania Cut Flagstone

This type is set on a base of gravel.

Tennessee Flagstone-Cement

A southwestern style.
Stone path—Walkway Construction in Falls Church, VA
Garden Walkway—Walkway Construction in Falls Church, VA
Garden path—Walkway Construction in Falls Church, VA

Flagstone With Brick Border

Sets Pennsylvania Flagstone in a cement base and features a border of beautiful brick.

Random Flagstone With Mulch


Gravel Driveway

An attractive yet less expensive style of driveway.


For more information about our wall construction or walkway construction services, call us today at 703-241-2611.