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Patio Construction in Northern Virginia

Ready to enjoy fun summer days on a gorgeous patio? Well call Weiler's Lawn & Landscape. Since 1981, Weiler's has provided homeowners in Falls Church, Arlington and surrounding areas of Northern Virginia with high-quality patios. Experienced with a variety of materials, our builders can produce all types of patios, from brick to flagstone.
We aim to provide you with a well-built and attractive patio that will withstand the elements and last for many years. To have one of our consultants make a visit to your home and offer you a personalized estimate on patio construction, give us a call today at 703-241-2611.

Types of Patios


A solid place for parties and events.


Dry-laid Pennsylvania Flagstone set on a crushed-stone foundation. This type directs surface water away from the home's foundation.


Consists of brick pavers cemented to a concrete base.

Flagstone With Edging

Made from natural Pennsylvania Flagstone and waterproof cement, with edging made from timber or brick.


An attractive lower-cost option, this consists of individual flagstone set with river jack gravel.